Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Timeless Timeline of Roberto Paci Dalò

he has been in shanghai's ghetto under the japanese occupation. he has been staring at tierpark's from heiner müller six rooms apartment. he has been talking night and day with john cage's ghost.
In naples he learned about coffè making while in brindisi he had a conversation with metal birds.

he has been searching for the unknown faces in the crowds of mexico city. the electronique guerrila is floating waves and his clavicembalo likes oblique theatres.

roberto paci dalò art is timeless. here is a selection of his timeline @marselleria. 

roberto and mirko
ye shanghai

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Day at the Cave

last friday we spent all day shooting at a cave. enjoyed the scenery..

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Till the world ends (Cyprien Gaillard in Milan)

Cyprien Gaillard made his point. No need to conform, follow, adjust. No need at all. We have just bypassed the century of the Self. The Decline and Fall of the western civilisation is a fact and Gaillard is not so desperately looking amongst the rubbles, presenting us the expensive bill. This 1980 kid from Paris has been etching the urban archeology with an insightful approach. He has been living in the Ruins, photographing the romance of urban poetry. Cyprien has reached maturity in his first unfucking believable solo show here in Milan. Mr Gioni has managed to cross the line of Fondazione Trussardi previous "safe" choices. He chose well. He organized the perfect location. If this is a preview of next Venice Biennal then we will talk about renaissance. From the rubble we will rise. All the best.

                             TILL THE WORLD ENDS - SALEM (GAILLARD SOUNDTRACK)


the crowd

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Artissima Brevissima

managed to get and see artissima 2012 in about 3 hours... a rush. here is some pics i did it on the fly..


                                                                      broken dream
real art at eataly