Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Silver Couch REVISITED

finally we made it to the infamous silver couch at angelo plessas (and andreas angelidakis)studio+home. it was a very hot august evening in athens on our return from cycladic holidays. 
I had been previously invited by angelo to sit there but it was an entirely virtual experience as it happens quite often these days. the medium was the message altough it makes no much sense to put it like that.

athens shows some signs of revival but the partenone is a construction site just like the nation itself. corruption, mismanagement, recession. just like us..italiani and greci "una faccia, una razza"..
EAT THE RICH seems to be the trend amongst the youth and the anarchist (but there and then they were mostly enjoying their grandparents' beach houses on the spectacular islands Zeus decided to donate long ago)

luckily enough angelo was in athens and so he brought us to the 
NATIONAL MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART where he had an exhibition/event in which he managed to turn the museum into a meditation room. the angelo foundation is now an intellectual challenge for most of us. unexpected content in purely avantgarde tradition (dAdAFluxusItuationist) if one can ever try and classify these odd and engaging activities angelo is developing since more then a decade now. 

the other artists on show are also amazing. do check them out if you missed them in the past 70 years.

going back to our evening with angelo and his beautiful studio I must say we learned so much about the greek not so secret joys and pains. edgar wanted a demo of plessas webartworks just to suddenly realize it was late night and the partenone didn't look a building site if seen from distance. 

edgar vele giedwidz and angelo plessas

Friday, August 19, 2011

Santissima Santorini

vintage volcano

the worst mannequin ever 

the best spaventapasseri ever

edgar ruins at the sea
dobrochna in oia